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Flutist Jan Vinci documents new and older American works in authoritative performances.

Just as a textilist weaves threads into a tapestry, a composer crafts a collage of timbres, rhythms and silence into a soundscape. Owning a fascination with creators and their art, distinguished flutist Jan Vinci has dedicated much of her career to commissioning composers and documenting their new works in performance and recordings. And, to give listeners a perspective, she has presented these works alongside classic flute literature. This cd highlights new and old works by some composers that Vinci most esteems. They are all Americans. First Prizewinner of England's International Electric Music Performance Competition and recipient of a Classical Recording Foundation Award, Jan Vinci has enjoyed an international career performing in famous venues in the U.S. and Europe. On the faculty at Skidmore, Vinci has served as president of the New York Flute Club and often presents master classes at colleges and flute festivals. This is her fourth recording for Albany Records.
Jennifer Higdon, composer
Flute Poetic
Jan Vinci, flute; Reiko Uchida, piano

Mark Vinci, composer
Crow's Nest
Jan Vinci, flute

Katherine Hoover, composer
Medieval Suite
Jan Vinci, flute; Reiko Uchida, piano

Paul Hindemith, composer
Acht Stücke
Jan Vinci, flute

Charles Tomlinson Griffes, composer
Jan Vinci, flute; Reiko Uchida, piano

Mark Vinci, composer
TINGsha Bom t-Bom t-Bom
Jan Vinci, flute; New York Dream Orchestra; Mark Vinci, conductor

"Jan Vinci’s new CD has a wonderful selection of classic favorites and exciting new works, each of which tells a fascinating story. As always, Vinci plays with a generous, gorgeous sound, exceptional rhythmic vitality, and tons of character. The opening work, “Flute Poetic,” by Jennifer Higdon (co-commissioned by Vinci and Pola Baytelman), is beautifully recorded, achieving perfect balances between Vinci and her exceptional collaborator, pianist Reiko Uchida. It captures all the passion, all the lovely, varied colors they create, and the atmospheric qualities of landscapes and watercolors that this work expresses. Uchida’s sensitive playing and expert handling of the prepared-piano techniques are very effective, and the results are truly brilliant. All of the performances on this CD are inspired. The Hoover Medieval Suite is polished, enthusiastic, and appropriately vigorous. This work has also been arranged for flute and orchestra by the composer. The marvelous and improvisatory works of Hindemith’s Acht Stücke from 1927 are energetic and rapturous. The Griffes Poem is charming and elegant, as befits its French-inspired character. Of special note are the two new works by Mark Vinci, an outstanding saxophonist, doubler, improviser, and composer. “Crow’s Nest,” for solo flute, is a jazz-inspired picture of the ocean’s dichotomy, combining beat boxing, singing and swing- ing, and the joyous “TINGsha Bom t-Bom t-Bom” for flute and orchestra is a terrific new addition to our concerto repertoire— emotional, rhythmic, and colorful. Highly recommended!" (Flutist Quarterly)

"Aptly subtitled "A Tapestry of Premieres and Classics," this superbly performed disc offers up an hour's-plus worth of American music. Threeof the works on this program were commissioned by Jan Vinci…and Vinci plays most fetchingly [Hindemith Acht Stucke], imparting something of a glow of innocence onto the piece in the process. Another fairly popular piece for flutists is the Poem b Charles Griffes…Reiko Uchida is particularly sensitive both to the nuances of harmony and the shadings of her collaborator; an opeing out of harmony and texture, giving the music a more outdoor feel, makes a great impact. This is a wonderful piece, beautifully performed…The recording, by Adam Abeshouse, is phenomenal. Placement of instruments is perfectly judged, whether in chamber combination or with orchestra, as is recorded abmience. A winner of a disc." (Colin Clarke, Fanfare)
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