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Virtuoso pianist Christopher Janwong McKiggan has commissioned works for piano based on Paganini's 24th Caprice.

The young piano virtuoso Christopher Janwong McKiggan commissioned seven composers from many different cultural backgrounds (American, Canadian, Thai, Chinese, Korean and Middle Eastern) to write a work for piano based on Paganini's 24th Caprice for solo violin. The variety of the compositions that resulted is fascinating and links multiple national traditions around a central theme, while maintaining uniqueness. Born in England, McKiggan grew up in Thailand. He has studied at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Rice University, where he is now pursuing a DMA in piano performance. A recipient of numerous prizes and awards, including the Gold Medal in the Seattle International Piano Competition, McKiggan is committed to contemporary music and has performed numerous world premieres, including the Asian premiere of Robert Beaser's Piano Concerto at the 2012 Beijing Modern Music Festival.
Robert Beaser, composer
Christopher Janwong McKiggan, piano

Moon Young Ha, composer
Scène V
Christopher Janwong McKiggan, piano

Karim Al-Zand, composer
Paganini Reverie
Christopher Janwong McKiggan, piano

Narong Prangcharoen, composer
Pact Ink
Christopher Janwong McKiggan, piano

Zhou Jing, composer
Jade Clappers
Christopher Janwong McKiggan, piano

S. Peace Nistades, composer
Christopher Janwong McKiggan, piano

James Mobberley, composer
Capricious Invariance
Christopher Janwong McKiggan, piano

Paganimania is a collection of newly commissioned works for piano by seven contemporary composers…This project was the brainchild of Christopher Janwong McKiggan…It has provided some spectacular results and McKiggan’s playing is uni-formly commanding.” (Limelight)

“This would be a dull program if the seven composers stuck closely to Paganini’s Ca-price. Fortunately, they show a great deal of imagination, and find varied new music not only in the caprice’s melody, but it’s (implied) harmonies and rhythm. …This is the first I’ve heard of McKiggan, but clearly, he is a superb pianist.” (Fanfare)